The Half Marathon at SCKLM 2013

My favorite photo from SCKLM - this is me just minutes after finishing the 21km. Could hardly keep myself upright!

My fifth half marathon. And counting.

Let’s write this blog entry Mahathir-style, shall we. Point form and efficient – both for writer and reader. OK here we go.

1) Sunday, 29 September 2013. Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM). My third entry in SCKLM (did two 10k’s in previous years). Also my fifth half marathon since October 2012.

2) …

The Marina Mahathir Tweet

The Marina Mahathir Tweet

Ok I am officially giddy with glee this morning.

Totally random act on my part. I was responding to a tweet Marina posted asking her followers about how the weekend went. I figured she might dig an update about my achievement at a charity run for a HIV+ home, she is an activist after all.

How often …