LSD Training at Curve

This is the 3rd and final session of the Nike We Run KL training series.

To cap off the training series for We Run KL, Nike concluded with a long slow distance (LSD) run that started out at the Curve in Mutiara Damansara. The target was 9km that Saturday, 6th October, and the timing and venue was perfect as it was also race kit pick-up day!

Nike “Super Runner” Treadmill Challenge

I had late lunch that afternoon at 3pm (training was to start at 5pm), so I prayed my meal would’ve been partially digested enough for me to run long without puking. The Nike race kit booth was pumping with music and energy with all kinds of setup, most notably a treadmill challenge.

What was the carrot? An iron-on patch that said “Super Runner” if you could run 100m in under 1 minute (150m for the guys). Once you’ve earned it you could head to the booth where ladies with industrial press-on machines were affixing them to the We Run Nike race shirts.

I didn’t do the treadmill challenge yet as I wanted to focus on the LSD. Finally 5pm rolled around and the crowd of runners who was joining the session had built up sizeably. There were definitely more runners here compared to the last two training sessions that were held by Nike, easily twice as many.

A guy jumped out in front of me to say hello and it was Emran (an old buddy who I always see at races). After warming up, we jogged out of the Curve area with RELA officers placed at various points to help man traffic for us (these are volunteer law enforcers, so much thanks for their presence). We entered the Mutiara Damansara housing area and the LSD began.

One lap around the quiet and tidy neighbourhood was roughly 3km, so we did three of those. The run was largely uneventful but pleasant and meditative. Our pacer Eric informed us if we were running faster than him, we were too fast! LSDs are meant to be done at a slower than desired race pace, so I definitely took this easy.

In my last 2 kilometers I saw a woman running with a green Malakoff Run t-shirt so I decided to catch up with her to say hi and break the ice by asking about the Malakoff route (since I signed up for this year’s race in December). Her name was Mira and she had been running events since 2008. She cautioned me about the hilly route of Malakoff and I nodded in acknowledgement. Apparently she has run it for 3 years so it must good enough to run! I love making new friends so Mira was another one to be added into my runner circle.

With Emran and Zaza
Me with Zaza and Emran

After finishing the LSD I had some water, had some photos taken with Emran and then the entire running group, then we all said our good lucks and disbanded. I then headed back to the Nike booth, which was still bustling with runners picking up their race kits and people tromping on the treadmill. I approached Aaron, one of the Nike guys at the treadmills and declared I wanted to have a go at it. They had the trial shoes (the LunarGlide+ 4 Shield) on the racks so I grabbed a pair and put it on (running treadmill in my PureFlow hurts my feet for some reason).

Aaron strapped on an iPhone on my arm with the NikePlus app launched on it and the giant screen in front of the treadmill reflected the current mileage. The treadmill belt started to turn and I increased to speed to about 7, then 8 then started to plod. Barely half a minute into the run, Aaron stopped me and said, “congrats, you’re the first lady to run 100m under 30 seconds today!” Uh-huh, ok. I looked up on the screen and it said 27 seconds and a little over 100m. In all honesty 100m on the treadmill did not feel much but I took my “Supper Runner” iron-on patch with a grin and went to have it ironed on my race shirt.

My Super Runner patch

Well that concludes my recap of the We Run KL training series. I have to say my favorite one is this LSD session because of the distance and slightly less stress effort. The Nike race starts this evening and the heavy rains have just stopped at the time that I am writing this. I am certain that it’ll be a kick-ass event and if we have to run in the rain, well – bring it on!


Picked up my Nike race shirt!
Group photo to end the day! (photo by alif.r)


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    1. @Khairul, I enjoyed myself at the race, it has its good sides. There are some areas for improvement, for sure. More soon in an upcoming blog post from me, stay tuned. 🙂

  1. Hey Fairy,

    It’s been 2 years since our last brief e-mailing and God knows how much more since I first came to your MyIndo website. Perhaps just as much as you’re into running now (I did that regularly in 2003-2006), I pursue my badminton career which takes most of my free time since 2008 (around the time you stopped updating MyIndo). I wonder if your attitude to blogging remains the same – I was surprised to learn about your new *blog* about running considering your previous radical statement that I had proudly shared.

    To avoid being off-topic, there’s been a good Nike Run in Moscow recently and some of my Malaysian friends took part in it. I preferred 4 hours of badminton with another Malaysian team (those rare hours during weekends), besides, it was too late to register for the event.

    Keep it up anyway!

    1. Hi Vladis, yes it’s been a long time since our last email contact. I think I replied and I never heard from you again. 🙂

      Glad to hear you’re happy with your badminton career, congratulations. Yes I do have a new interest now, running, so I write about that whenever I can.

      I also ran the Nike We Run KL race a week ago, I’ve not written yet about it. Soon.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Yes, right, that’s what I called brief e-mailing. There were no further questions in your last mail, so I decided to reappear later when I have more time and stories to come with. (And sorry if I didn’t meet your expectations.) I still keep your messages in my mailbox. I hope it won’t take 2 more years and the next encounter will be the real one, in Malaysia or _____ (name it and I may consider it). All the best!

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