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Interview #5 for Inspiring Women Who Run

Nengsih Samadi (also fondly known as “Nancy Jackson” – because she is a fan of the late Michael) is a running force to be reckoned with. In her native Indonesia and in some parts of the region, sightings of Nancy on the podium post-race is not uncommon, be it at a 10k, half or full marathon event. One of her race victories in 2012 included securing 1st place at the Putrajaya Night Marathon in the Women Veteran (E) Category with a net time of 3:47:39. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of her streak of running achievements. On some Saturdays Nancy can be seen running at the kampung-side with buddy Ninie Mulyadi. Find out why Nancy loves to race in Malaysia, right here on Inspiring Women Who Run.

Inspiring Women Who Run!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Nancy from Jakarta. I am 43 years old and I enjoy running very much. I run literally every day; if I miss even 1 day, I feel very guilty for my body so I try to run every day except when I feel sick.

Nancy was the 1st veteran woman to cross the finish line at Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012

Lady runners must stay strong, don’t lose out to the men runners. -Nancy Jackson

2.    What made you get into running?

I was 34 when I started running; I wanted to reduce my weight. Before I started, my weight was between 56-57kg and my dress size was always L or XL. However after I started to regularly run, my weight went down and I could use dress sizes M, S and sometime even XS! I am a single mom and am always focused on my work so running helps me to reduce my stress especially if I have a problem at the office.

3.    What’s your typical training pattern like?

From Monday to Friday I run about 10km per day and on Saturday and Sunday my aim is always more than 10km. I always have a weekly mileage target of 85 – 100 km. If I can run more than 100km per week, I always feel very happy because I feel very fit.

Nancy (right) & running sista Ninie Mulyadi

4.    Do you have any special diets?

I don’t have special diet. I eat everything and a lot.

5.    What is your favorite race distance and why? 

My favorite distance is 10km; it’s not too short and not too long so I can use my endurance and speed; the same goes for the 21km distance. I hate 5km because I have no speed anymore.

6.    What are your favorite races?

My favorite races are SCKLM and Putrajaya Marathon because I like the routes. Kuala Lumpur is my favorite place to go eat and have a holiday, the place is very familiar to me. The food is very delicious, hotel is cheap and there are many choices to choose from!

7.    Do you have any other goals that you have not yet achieved in running?

I wish to run the New York Marathon but so far I have not yet had a chance to. So far it is just a dream.

8.    What would you like to say to all female runners out there?

Lady runners must stay strong, don’t lose out to the men runners. Live a healthy life and always stay fit.

Nancy at BSNPNM prize-giving ceremony (2012)


Thank you Nancy for speaking to me for IWWR! Let’s check out her list of marathon achievements in the last decade for some super dose of inspiration. (Note: Nancy only gave me her marathon timings because there were too many from the shorter distances to list down!)

Date Race Timing Overall Ranking
7/12/2003 Singapore Marathon 4h 58m
29/2/2004 KL Marathon 3h 58m 10th place
04/7/2004 Ipoh Marathon 3h 43m 7th place
05/12/2004 Singapore Marathon 3h 46m 10th place age category
04/12/2005 Singapore Marathon 3h 43m 4th place age category
05/03/2006 KL Marathon 3h 39m 10th place)
10/09/2006 Putrajaya Marathon 3h 41m 8th place
18/3/2007 KL Marathon 3h 43m 10th place
08/04/2007 Malang Marathon 4h 04m 9th place
22/4/2012 Bali Marathon 3h 56m 1st place age category & 9th place overall women category
20/10/2012 Putrajaya Night Marathon 3h 47m 1st place age category & 3rd place overall women category
2/12/2012 Singapore Marathon 3h 53m 12th place age category
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