My Sydney half marathon

 I ran a race overseas for the first time – and with a little help, I smashed yet another personal record!

Dhitri (in pink) leading Fairy (in blue) to the finish line at Sydney

Dhitri leading Fairy to the finish line at Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon 2013. They both officially finished the race in exactly 2:29:49.

 On Sunday, May 19th 2013, I ran my first overseas race in Sydney, Australia. Instead of telling you in writing, I’d rather show you my experience in video! It is about 5:35 minutes long. Enjoy!

Click on image to play!

Note: The background music of the video is called Deep Freeze by Animistix from their Transmutation album. It’s indigenous-infused trance music at its best!

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Hi! I am Fairy from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Running, hiking (or bushwalking as it’s known Down Under!), Zumba and writing are my therapy.

I first picked up running in 2011 after losing 20% of my old weight through playing dance and fitness video games. My favourite running mantra these days is “MAKE IT COUNT!”

To get in touch, email me at fairy[at] or tweet me at @runfairyrun. Thanks for stopping by!


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Adhityani (Dhitri) Putri

What a great video! It really captures the experience well. The only thing missing would be a video of me screaming at you: “Pain is temporary, PB is forever!” 😀


@Dhitri: Don’t think I have that scene captured babe, I checked! 😀


Congrats Fairy on your PB… next, it’s time to chase your PB on the home ground… =D Luv the video, U had so much fun n blast in Sydney… Really looking forward to run my FM in Sydney soon, next year perhaps? Hehee


@Aizat: Insyaallah will work towards a PB on home ground pulak, thanks for watching the video. And YES I had a TON of FUN! Good luck for your FM in Sydney. :)


Hi Fairy, suka banget ama videonya, can really feel the excitement! congrats for your PB and what an awesome run n prep u had!
i’ve been reading your blog posts n finding it very inspirational! hope to meet u in one of the runs in KL!


@Retsa: Makasih ya udah nonton videonya, memang fun kok. :) Best HM ever! And yes if you ever drop by KL, do buzz me – happy to meet up. :)

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