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Interview #7 for Inspiring Women Who Run

Adhityani Putri, or Dhitri, is an inspiring runner. Diligent about her trainings and super analytical about her race strategies, she is one serious pavement pounder who is also a ton of fun to be friends with. Which is why I asked her to be my pacer at the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon last month! Find out what makes this Balinese gal tick – right here on Inspiring Women Who Run!

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Adhityani Putri (a.k.a. Dhitri)
Meet Adhityani Putri (a.k.a. Dhitri)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a researcher in the field of climate change and energy policy, who currently lives in Canberra but am originally from Jakarta. I am mum to the cheekiest 2 year old and wife to a husband, who share my passion in sustainability, eco living and running.

What made you get into running and how long have you been doing it?
My husband inspired me to take up running. He travels a lot for work and running is a great way of keeping fit and exploring new places. Back in Jakarta, I used to run 3-4km on the treadmill as part of my warm up. I’ve only started running more seriously and rigorously here in Canberra after my daughter’s birth. Initially I wanted to shed some baby weight and move on to other sports but it’s been two years and I am still running! There are a million reasons why, but first and foremost running keeps me health, fit and sane and it also empowers me. I also love the social aspect of running: I find runners are the coolest people on earth!

What’s your typical training pattern like?
My training is very structured. I run 5-6 times a week and a do 2 core sessions on top of that. I am currently training for the Melbourne Marathon and following a 20-week plan by Luke Humphrey from Hansons online coaching. I also take my rest day very seriously, usually involves me lying on the couch for most of the day!

Do you have any special diets?
I am going gluten free for this month to find out if wheat is behind my constant feeling of bloatedness. I am a vegetarian, but I still consume eggs and dairy products. Although I am also reducing my lactose intake as my gut cannot tolerate too much of it. I plan my meals for the week ahead and keep a food diary to make sure I get enough macro nutrients. I also take iron and B12 supplements.

What is your favorite race distance and why?
I haven’t raced enough races to pin down which one is my favorite distance. I love going long, so I would say the full distance marathon even though I’ve only run one so far. I also enjoy half marathons – they can be a true test of both speed and endurance.

Dhitri and her Canberra IndoRunners group
Dhitri (2nd from left in bottom row in “Keep Calm” t-shirt) and her Canberra IndoRunners group. She often leads the group in their weekly runs around the Australian administrative capital.

What I love about running is that you get what you put in. -Adhityani Putri

What was your favorite race? Where was it and why?
My favourite race to date had to be the SMH Half Marathon, where I paced a dear friend to a PB! Everything just came together nicely. Race conditions were also perfect: The morning was balmy, the skies clear, the sun was gentle and the views were simply stunning!

Dhitri in her first full marathon, the Canberra Marathon
Dhitri in her first full marathon, the Canberra Marathon

Tell us about your proudest achievement in running to date?
Running my first 42.195km at Canberra Marathon. The entire journey was life changing. It has shaped me as a runner. The 18 weeks of training was a bit of a roller coaster ride. To begin with, I was happy to be standing at the start rested and injury-free, given that I had knee and shin issues and suffered from a terrible flu the weeks leading up to the marathon. The atmosphere was electric and I had the best cheer squad in town. The race has put my physical abilities and mental strength to test. I felt like coming out a new person when I crossed that finish line! I finished in 5:01, which was within the bounds of my expectation.

Do you have any other goals which you have not yet achieved in running?
There are so many major marathons that I would love to run. The Great Wall and Everest are just some of them. However, I would love to run Boston one day. I don’t know if I would ever be fast enough to qualify for it (I will certainly try), but I will find a way to be part of this iconic event.

Do you have additional advice or shout-out to say to all lady runners out there?
What I love about running is that you get what you put in. Stick to your training, pay attention to nutrition and you shall see progress in both distance and pace!


Follow Dhitri’s running adventures on her blog, Run Dhitri Run!

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  1. Wow, nice interview by Fairy FM. Nice to know Dhitri, very interesting name in the first place and I really liked her intro. Coming back to her name, it’s very powerful and significance in Indian mythology, as Aditya refers to Sun (the visible god) and Dhitri is coming from Dhatri which means Earth. Finally, Putri is Daughter thus name is Daughter of Sun and Earth – Fantastic.

    Certainly, her interests are in line with her name, particularly Climate Change, Sustainability and Eco living.

    Quite interesting person and look forward run with her.

    Keep in touch.


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