Zumba session with KP

Beating Monday Blues with Zumba!

I love my gym – there is a Zumba class held every day, if you had time to go attend all of them in a week! Sometime late last year when I was starting to get interested in increasing my Zumba frequency, I decided to try attending the class at 5.40pm on Mondays (I was already attending Soc’s Wednesday, Diego’s Saturday and Raymon’s Sunday!). This involved some negotiation with my boss so that I could leave an hour earlier from work, lucky for me he’s absolutely cool with it.

I then befriended KP, who teaches Monday Zumba. Originally from Thailand he has some really memorable and unique routines which many of his class attendees look forward to. I invite you to watch and be INSPIRED with what goes on in KP’s class by checking out the videos I’ve recorded.

Zumba by KP – The Video Collection

Click here to save/view the playlist in Youtube (if you are browsing on a mobile phone and can’t view the embedded videos) or watch the videos below!

KP with a red Malaysian batik bandana I got him as a souvenir. Thanks for making Monday so fun!

KP with a red Malaysian batik bandana I got him as a souvenir. Thanks for helping with beating my Monday blues!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed watching as much as I’ve enjoyed recorded and compiling! Happy ZUMBA!

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Hi! I am Fairy from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Running, hiking (or bushwalking as it’s known Down Under!), Zumba and writing are my therapy.

I first picked up running in 2011 after losing 20% of my old weight through playing dance and fitness video games. My favourite running mantra these days is “MAKE IT COUNT!”

To get in touch, email me at fairy[at]myindo.com or tweet me at @runfairyrun. Thanks for stopping by!


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ishhh, thank to you dehhhhhh!
tau ngga? Now I join Gym di bintaro juga (so it’s on the way home anyway)
here my schedule
Senin & Kamis : yoga
rabu : renang (and saturday night too)
Jumat, sabtu , minggu : ZUMBA

“It;s in we blood…dum dum dum…


Wow, 3 days back to back Zumba, ngafalin ZIN number lagi hebat deh Kiky! #idolaku

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