Zamst HA-1 Compression Socks

Zamst HA-1 Mesh socks

An amateur runner’s product review

Socks are just socks, right? Well, if you’ve been running for a while, chances are you’ve developed your own personal preference for performance socks. My current favourites are Wright socks for their soft, double-layered and blister-minimizing properties, and the Injinji toe socks that separate each digit within its own cloth cocoon for the …

The Fuel Belt Upgrade

Upgrading my refueling system.


I don’t know about you, but I get pretty grumpy when I run out of water during my longer distance runs (15-20km). Sometimes refueling is not as easy as it sounds especially when your running route is scarce of shops.

I normally run these distances with my Salomon fuel belt which carries two …

Sweatband Love

Introduction to my world of sweatbands.

I’ve once written about what makes my runs complete and it all boiled down to what I termed “good head sweat management.” Sweatbands, whether on my wrist and around my cranial, is probably the only accessory that I truly must have whenever I’m in sports mode. I’m talking real sweatbands. …

Can’t Run Without It

Of Wrist and Head Bands

Sometimes you need that certain something to make your runs feel complete.

Dressing up to go running isn’t hard at all. A pair of shorts or tights, a decent sweat-wicking top (countless vests to choose from if you’ve joined many races), a high intensity sports bra for us girls, and some running shoes usually do the …

Belt blues


I’ve always thought running gadgets were for the more seasoned and experienced runners, but as it turns out, us rookies are just as equally gaga for them. One particular doodad goes by many a name: fuel belt, energy belt, hydration belt – but they all now mean the same thing to me: life saver!

I simply …

What’s in a shoe?


Could something as simple as a pair of shoes make all the difference in changing the way you feel about a certain activity? In my case with running, it is a resounding yes.

Running was never my favorite thing to do, it just took too much effort. After losing weight through video games, I thought I’d …