The Royal Coastal Walk recce

Fairy at Royal National Park, NSW

A gorgeous practice run on South Coast NSW’s most beautiful coastline.

5 minute video of the recce run – enjoy!

The much-anticipated Coastal Classic trail running event I signed up for a few months ago is fast approaching. A week before the event (Saturday, 27 August), Yanti and I decided to drive down an hour from Sydney …

LSD for SCKLM runners

Before and after the haze which chocked the country in June 2013

No marathon because of haze? No problem!

Mid-June was a particularly difficult time for many in Malaysia and Singapore. Plagued again by the annual haze that billowed its way across the Straits of Malacca from Sumatera, we were choked and cloaked by the fumes originating from the burning palm plantations in neighbouring Indonesia.

The haze reading was …

Another Birthday

A birthday is always another milestone reached in your life. Embrace it!

I am 34 years old young today. I wonder if I am considered being in my early-30s, or have I reached my mid-30s?

It does not matter (though I do like to think that I’m still in my early 30’s – that’s the woman in me talking!). …


The verdict of my medical check-up results today reaffirmed my love for running.

Did my routine medical checkup last week, got my results today. Here’s how it went.

First the nurse exclaimed how “perfect” they were. Oo-kay. Then I entered the doctor’s room, she also raved (almost in disbelief) about my “perfect” bill of health. When she …