What’s in a shoe?

Could something as simple as a pair of shoes make all the difference in changing the way you feel about a certain activity? In my case with running, it is a resounding yes.

Fairy's reebok veronaRunning was never my favorite thing to do, it just took too much effort. After losing weight through video games, I thought I’d give it a try because I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. However when I decided to attempt it last year, I didn’t have the correct soles. What I did have at the time was an expensive pair of tennis Reebok shoes that I had barely broken into.

I quickly discovered that running in tennis trainers was not quite a comfortable experience. It felt rigid and did not conform well to movement of constantly quick-pacing feet. They’re designed for tennis players to slide and burst sprint on the courts to quickly reach flying fuzzy balls, further complicated by acts of trying to hit them back accurately with rackets to opponents. I’m pretty good at it. Missing the balls, I mean.

My feet like dead weight running in the wrong type of shoes. So when I was advised to finally fit into new running shoes – a purple-white pair of Reebok Verona Kes II – at my favorite sports shop in KL, my hope to sustain my newly acquired interest was rekindled. Running in the new kicks felt lighter and springy, and most importantly gave me the desire to stay running. I was motivated to try running once again and I am glad to say, I have succeeded in consistent execution of this pastime with whatever free time I have outside of work and everything else.

Recently my friend Mims started JUST FOR KICKS Project – an endeavor that has her receiving photos of people’s stinky running shoes (my mud-caked ones included) and turning them into wonderful watercolor works of art. I have much respect for this Bangi native as she marries both her passion of drawing and running into one, I think it’s a pretty cool way to pay homage to your everyday runner.

A modest amount of weekly mileage at the park and participation in 6 race events later, I am proud to say that my Reeboks have seen through my buddings of curiosity into a hobby that I wish to maintain for as long as my legs are able and willing. The image above is a testament to things I cherish most about the shoes. 2011 was a good running year.

It’s only been more than a year since I made the Verona transition, and I will remember them as the gear that made me give the cardio exercise a second look. I’ve since acquired a secondary pair for more treacherous terrain, a pair of black-pink trail running shoes. Hopefully those newer shoes will also have equally interesting tales to tell.

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Hi! I am Fairy from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - currently residing in Sydney, Australia. This blog contains write-ups on my fitness adventures, whether it's running, swimming, hiking, Zumba, whatever! If I sweat, I write! As a young adult in my twenties, I led a relatively sedentary lifestyle before I had an awakening in 2011. I was overweight by age 30 and finally decided to turn my life around, so I started to reclaim my health back by losing 20 percent of my then body weight by playing dance and fitness video games! I've not looked back since and now happily lead an active lifestyle. If you want to get in touch with me, please email me at fairy[at]myindo.com or DM me on Instagram @myindo. Thanks for stopping by!

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