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Pilot interview for Inspiring Women Who Run

Inspiring Women Who Run (IWWR) is a brand new segment on my blog, created to acknowledge and honor female runners whom I greatly admire in my running world, especially if they’re from or located in the Southeast Asian region. Join me in celebrating the greatness found in these ladies, whether they are elites, high-flying amateurs or your ordinary mommy with an extraordinary passion for marathons. May they inspire you to keep on pounding the pavement!

Fairy M Proudly Presents: Inspiring Women Who Run!

In this pilot article of Inspiring Women Who Run, I interview Ninie Mulyadi (sometimes known as Ninik Sugiwati), the 2nd runner up in Full Marathon Womenโ€™s Open category at the recent Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon (APBIM) 2012, finishing with a blistering time of 3:37:30:11. Ninie regards herself as a “good amateur” runner and has been sponsored by Garmin Indonesia since March 2012. Letโ€™s get to know about her a little bit better, especially about her running habits and ambition.

Ninie placed 1st in Jakarta Free Spirit 5K 2012 with a time of 20:43.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am from Surabaya, East Java in Indonesia, and moved to South Jakarta in early 2000’s. I have been living here since then. I am 33 years old and mother to two beautiful daughters, aged 7 and 14. I like sports (running, mountain trailing, biking and swimming), listening to music, cooking, and painting.

2. What made you get into running and how long have you been doing it?
I have been training in running since I was attending a girl’s high school. At the time I specialized in the 10k distance only. Then after my first daughter was born I stopped running for 10 years and restarted only in 2009.

3. What’s your typical training pattern like?
My typical weekly training pattern is 4 to 5 times running .

  • Basically one or 2 interval training sessions in the week on the track and 2 medium distance (~12-15 k) running in the streets of Jakarta.
  • Sunday is usually dedicated to a long-run distance (~20-30 k) most of the time on the car-free day roads in downtown but sometimes through the kampungs in south Jakarta or crossing Jakarta to the north till I reach the seaside.

This pattern is typical but of course it varies depending on the race calendar and each specific event. When I prepare for triathlon my training pattern is different with more workout time as I add 2 swimming sessions a week (45 minutes to 1 hour) and biking medium distance usually on Saturday very early morning (50-70 K) when traffic is low. I also do some workout at home (sit-up and back-up) twice a week.

Ninie Mulyadi running the streets of Jakarta
Running the streets of Jakarta

4. How do you find time to train so hard being a mommy to two beautiful girls?
Well I used to train very early in the morning so I get time in the day to handle housework and take care of my daughters. When I leave 2 or 3 consecutive days to join an event abroad of far away in Indonesia my family takes care of them.

5. Do you have any special diets?
No, nothing special, just the basics in fact. I avoid any fried or oily food and drink a lot of water. Other than that, I eat almost everything. I am also taking complimentary vitamin but nothing secret – just usual stuff available in any convenience store.

Ninie Mulyadi at Mesastila Trail 21K @ Magelang
Ninie at Mesastila Trail 21K, Magelang

6. What is your favorite race distance and why?
I participate in all events, from 5K to trail. But my preference would be to go for high distance and endurance events (half marathon and above). I believe short distances are more suitable for the younger generation. When you get a little older (above 30) it really gets difficult to maintain high speed so it seems better to focus on endurance events.

I would love to do more ultra trail but usually these are costly and far events as there is no ultra organized in Indonesia. Ultra is very nice because beside the sport side of the event you can also enjoy the natural scenery. I love to climb mountains with my Indonesian friends.

7. What was your favorite race? Where was it and why?
I liked many races I took part of this year. Two have been more special: Adidas King of The Road 2012 (10 miles) in Indonesia because I had a chance to be on the overall podium men/women with 5 Kenyan runners which was like a dream for me. Also I enjoyed the Mesastila trail challenge (21.1 km) in Magelang as the route is very unique passing through rice field and along an old railway track.

8. Do you have any other goals that you have not yet achieved in running?
Definitely I want to improve my marathon time and I am chasing the sub 3:30. I am getting closer and closer every time I run marathon. I hope I have chance to participate and complete an ultra 100 miles someday.

Sharing the podium at Adidas KOTR Indonesia 2012 with Kenyan runners

Ninie Mulyadi at Penang Marathon 2012
Placing 3rd in the Women’s Open Category at Penang Marathon 2012

9. Do you have additional advice or shout-out to say to all lady runners out there?
Well not from me but I like this one: “no pain, no gain!”

Thank you Ninie for speaking to me for IWWR!

Do you have a favorite lady runner whom you’d like me to interview? Leave me a comment below and details on how I can get in touch with her and I’ll do the rest!

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  1. Love this new segment! And how amazing is Ninie! I would like to switch bodies with her for just one day and experience what it is like to be able to smash a sub-4 marathon. And of course would have loved to know more about what and who defined her as a runner. If only I could attain half of her level of physical and mental awesomeness…

    1. @Dhitri, there are definitely more women in my collection to be interviewed, so stay tuned! Ninie is definitely very inspiring.

      As for what/who defined Ninie as a runner, I’m not too sure what you mean by that statement. I think being a runner is self-defined. Whatever your reasons to run (health, fitness, winning, etc) regardless of distance, you’re a runner – it’s a lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™‚

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