My Race Medals 2011-2012

In the last 20 months since April 2011 I have accomplished things that I never thought I would. I gave running a try and since then it’s all I ever associate with. As of December 2012 I have ran 16 races including my first half marathon, and clocked in hundreds of kilometres of running, either for fun or training for a race. I have also made many wonderful friends who share the same passion and interest and I thank them all sincerely for showing me the true meaning of comraderie.

I endeavour to bring the same (if not more) spirit of health and fitness into 2013. Here’s to another year of fun and running!

Fairy's Race Medals 2011-12
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Hi! I am Fairy from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - currently residing in Sydney, Australia. This blog contains write-ups on my fitness adventures, whether it's running, swimming, hiking, Zumba, whatever! If I sweat, I write! As a young adult in my twenties, I led a relatively sedentary lifestyle before I had an awakening in 2011. I was overweight by age 30 and finally decided to turn my life around, so I started to reclaim my health back by losing 20 percent of my then body weight by playing dance and fitness video games! I've not looked back since and now happily lead an active lifestyle. If you want to get in touch with me, please email me at fairy[at] or DM me on Instagram @myindo. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wowww good job Fairy, job well done… This is just the beginning of your new chapter in runninghood… 2013 should be filled with more extravagant running events… Cheers to that!

    1. Thanks Hafiz, always nice to have someone encouraging me. 🙂 Still got a long way to go but I am looking forward to the journey.

  2. wow! i like how you place all the medals accordingly..also how you have decorated the medals on xmas tree..creative idea, i like it! where did u get that coool hanger “run like a girl”? i place my medals in jewelry box bt the collections are growing so i probably need something else now to hang more medals. Did u join the recent MPIB Run 2013?

    anyway, i stumbled upon your blog when i googled randomly about running journal and i enjoy reading your blog since then cus we share the same common in running. i’ve bumped into you several times at running events too but i was shy to approach you because im just your silent reader 😉

    Happy new year to you!


    1. Hi Emmy, happy new year to you too! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment, getting one is just as good as earning a medal from a race. 🙂 And thanks for following my blog, it’s definitely one of my passionate pastimes apart from running!

      I got the medal hanger for my birthday last year from a good friend (I get asked this a lot). It’s from the US, you can order it from Amazon (search “Run Like a Girl” medal hanger – you’ll find it). Alternatively you can search Sukan G in FB, there’s a group of girls (you may know them) who are selling t-shirts and accessories, including medal hangers just like mine.

      And oh, next time you see me anywhere, race or elsewhere – say lah Hi. 🙂 Don’t be shy!

  3. Same with me! I started my 5K mid last year (nervously) and running a marathon was outrageous back then. But now, I’m planning for HM and sometimes I do feel amazed with all the progress that I’ve made. Marathon is possible after all 🙂

    1. @adi4aki: I can certainly relate to feeling nervous running my first 5k! Wishing you good luck and all the best for your first HM. A marathon is possible, for sure. This year however will be my year of HMs. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the heads up – Sukan G sells interesting stuff indeed ! 🙂 Are you joining Malaysia Women Marathon 2013? I wonder why the registration fee is rather steep, meh, but I think it would be fun to play dress-up for this Women Marathon. Okay the next time I see you at the race or elsewhere, I’ll say hello :)))

    1. @Emmy, insyaallah joining MWM, plan on doing the 1/2. You doing full? Good luck with that! 😛 You’re going to dress up?
      As to why MWM is “rather steep”, you tengok lah who is the guest speaker and person flagging us off. 🙂 Make sense? Plus I think it’s quite ok lah the pricing, I rasa Borneo Marathon lagi mahal.

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