Runcation: Langkawi

My first runcation.

Sunrise in Langkawi, November 2012

I’ve never run outside of KL/PJ for a race, much less gone for a run-cation (running vacation!). Unless of course I count my running session with the IndoRunners in Jakarta as one. While the main objective of my recent holiday was not to run, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to run on a beach (you know, not in some bathing suit with sand in between my toes, but with proper running attire and shoes – as a runner).

So when we went out to Langkawi that one November weekend, I made sure that at least 80% of the mornings spent there would be jump started with a leisurely jog on the soft white sands of the island’s shoreline. And boy was I happy.

Running + Beach = Awesome
Running + Beach = Awesome

I wore my classic IndoRunners t-shirt because I also wanted to post the photo on the group’s Facebook page (which was warmly received – thanks, guys!). The blood red color of the shirt contrasted greatly with my natural surroundings.

My feet protector of choice for the beach run was my trail shoes and it did well moving above the sand. It’s better to run nearer to the water line because wet sand is more stable.

An avid barefoot runner asked me why I didn’t run sans shoes. Well, that was just my preference – plus there are broken sea shells and such on the beach so I didn’t want to expose my bare feet to them. It also gave me a chance to test how well my trail shoes would perform on such a terrain.

There is nothing quite like waking up next to a beach, witnessing the sun rise as you go through each gait cycle, heaving in the fresh sea water-scented air with practically no one else around you. I did however run into a Caucasian man running topless on the beach, but he wasn’t very friendly. 😛

Panoramic view of the beach in Langkawi

And what do you do after a good run on the beach? The inevitable, of course.

And this.

Brunch at Langkawi – ikan bakar, yum yum!


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