The verdict of my medical check-up results today reaffirmed my love for running.

Did my routine medical checkup last week, got my results today. Here’s how it went.

First the nurse exclaimed how “perfect” they were. Oo-kay. Then I entered the doctor’s room, she also raved (almost in disbelief) about my “perfect” bill of health. When she asked my age and I told her, I thought she was going to explode. Her exact words were, “you are a once a blue moon case!” I blushed but was extremely pleased!

Of particular interest to me were my LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol) and blood sugar levels; they have ALL improved remarkably since my last checkup 2 years ago after I lost weight healthily through increased exercise activities. Back then my levels were in normal range too, so I did even better this year! Interestingly, this was all before I picked up running.

So the lesson for me today is: Forget the number of race medals I earned or how fast my average running pace is. Today’s medical checkup results was my PERSONAL RECORD.

I hope this inspires you to think about running too – or at least keep doing it!

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