Sweatband #1: Adidas Team GB

It’s time I got this Sweatband Love feature going, so here goes! Here’s numero uno.

When I joined Din Hashim’s running clinic for the first time last year, I befriended a girl name Hanna. I noticed she had on a rather unique-looking sweatband.

Fairy & Hanna Amin Rasip
Hanna (left) with the most intriguing sweatband!

Ever since then I had been obsessed to find out what it was (I didn’t ask her at the time). After much searching I finally found out it was the special edition sweatband issued for Team Great Britain for the 2012 Olympics game.

I managed to secure a pair online. While this was happening, MZul also bought me two more pairs. So in between breaks of the televised event of Larian 40 Taman on TV3 he passed them to me and I was delighted. I gave one pair away to my running buddy Fisha, and one to my young cousin (kept the extra one for myself). This version however didn’t have the Adidas branding in gold stitching like Hanna’s.

Two pairs of sweatbands courtesy of MZul – thank you!

This particular sweat accessory is a head turner for me and is pleasing to the eye. The smart Union Jack design is a signature of Stella McCartney. There is a little pocket on the underside which allows you to keep 1-2 small items like coins or your gym locker key.

Sweat absorbability however left much to be desired, it’s not completely liquid hungry as I expected it to be. I think it’s more of a vanity sweatband meant to be used to show support at the games. The fit is also a bit loose for my small wrist. There is a longer version of this sweatband (ala tennis player style), but I think the material is about the same.

There is a matching headband, however I have still yet to get my hands on one.

Here’s my personal rating for the Adidas Team GB wrist sweatband:

Design:  4.5/5
Absorbability: 3/5
Fit: 3/5

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