Sweatband #2: Japanese Football Team

I snagged a couple of awesome Japan national football sweatbands in Osaka.

While in Japan, I patroned a sports shop called Spotaka. I picked up two sweatbands from the football section as souvenirs. It has the Japanese Football Association emblem stitched on one side, and the other a sakura flower. The second wristband I got had the Japan flag on it.

JFA sweatband

I gave the Japan flag sweatband to MZul during his televised Larian 40 Taman as a memento, and also to thank him for getting me the Adidas Team GB sweatbands.


Fairy & MZul with JFA sweatbands

I really like these Japanese sweatbands, it’s made of high quality material (possibly to meet the needs of profusely sweating footballers) and had a very snug fit on my wrist. It’s also very pretty. Win!

And while I’m on the topic of sweatbands, the one on my head is a unique two-shade piece from Nike Japan, I adore it to bits. Stuff made for Japan market is of really exceptionally high quality, lucky them. Must be all the high purchasing power and stuff. 🙂

My sweatband-o-meter rating for these wristbands!

Design:  5/5
Absorbability: 5/5
Fit: 5/5

Can you tell I love muh sweats? 🙂

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