Interview with Juanita Dewiana

adiNation of Runners Indonesia (aNR) & Run Fairy Run jointly present an Interview with Juanita Dewiana. Juanita, or more popularly known as Jaydee, is one of the four moms in aNR selected for The Running Moms campaign to spread inspiration to women – specifically mothers – to pick up running. Let’s check out the running background of this beautiful and talented singing artiste.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Juanita Dewiana (Jaydee), a wife and a mother to a 3 year old boy. I work as musician; I am a singer and songwriter for an Indonesian hip-hop group called Soul ID.

Jaydee strutting her stuff at Biznet Triathlon, Bali 2012

What made you get into running and how long have you been doing it?
I’ve been running since I was in junior high school, back then I used to run two hours straight and not know how far I’ve really run. I stopped running when I entered high school but then picked it up again in university, this time on treadmill. Ever since I got married and gave birth, I prefer to run outdoors. Lucky for me, I married a sport geek so we continue to run together, both outdoors and on treadmill. So in total, I’ve been running for 20 years, including the 5 years of running together with my husband.

Have you joined any races? If yes, what was your proudest achievement or your favorite race?
I’ve been fortunate to have joined several races, most of them are my favourite so it’s hard to pick just one. I am attracted to races that are unique, for example the Sundown Marathon in Singapore; I joined the 10k and it started at midnight! Then there was Adidas King of the Road Thailand 2012 (I did the 8k), that was my first international race. Biznet Triathlon 2012 in Bali was my first triathlon and I joined the sprint distance. The furthest distance I’ve done was at Mizuno Kaohsiung Marathon in Taiwan, I participated and completed the 23k distance, so I’m really proud of that one.

As for local races, I’ve joined several 5k races in Jakarta and also a non-race trail run with the Bogor Hash House Harriers (BHHH). That was fun because we brought our son along.

Jaydee (right) with husband (and aNR Captain) Pasha Yudadibrata at Mizuno Kaohsiung Marathon 2012, Taiwan

What do you enjoy most about running?
I’ve always considered myself as a casual runner because I don’t like running under the heat of the sun. I do however enjoy running when it’s cool and windy. I also love to enjoy the scenery I see when I run. These factors make my running feel fun and effortless. My husband once challenged me try a further distance beyond my comfort zone. I had never run a half marathon and yet he signed me up for a 23k race! The reality was I could do it and it was fun finding that out in the process.

How do you juggle running with being a mother/wife?
As a mother and wife, I don’t find it difficult to arrange my running schedules as somehow everything seems to fall into place. We sometimes run with our boy in his baby jogger on Saturday. For overseas races we prefer to leave him back home in Jakarta, that makes me sad sometimes so we don’t tend to stay away for too long.

Problems  may come from the job since I don’t have a fixed schedule. I am busiest during the weekends. Many times I’ve had to cancel my race because I have to take a job offered. But if I was really keen to race, I usually manage to wiggle my way out of the work and pursue the ultimate runner’s high. 🙂

Do you have any words of advice to other moms on why they should consider taking up running?
To all mothers out there, don’t be afraid to try. Whether you have 1 kid or 5 – our problems are the same. We don’t have the body we used to have when we were young with the loss of calcium during pregnancy; we are also faced with the same daily household chores and work life. You must always balance your life out, take time out to take care of your body. Even if you manage to squeeze in a brisk walk, a jog and eventually graduate to full running, why not? So mommies, gather your inner strength because there is no such thing as “it’s too late!”

One last thing – would you pick a song from your band’s collection of singles for the ladies out there?
Sure! I would like to dedicate Ingin Dicinta (Want to be Loved) by Soul ID to all lady runners, especially moms who have been actively juggling running and their daily activities. Aku, kamu, kita, kalian (me, you, we, you all are) extraordinary women!!

Happy listening!

Video clip: Ingin Dicinta by Soul ID

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  1. April 8, 2013 at 8:51 pm woohoo proud of my fnried, sexy mama mia fitri totally agree with your writing,’s exactly the same like what we’ve done in thus our campaign for this year is #HealthyMama.shinta & thalia have done HM (shinta HM NTUC Run350 singapore) & thalia HM SCMS 2012), so hopefully this year I can follow their steps.

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