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I enjoy supporting movements via my writings on my blog – big or small – that encourage people to run – especially when they are targeted towards the ladies. So when Pasha Yudadibrata and Helen Susanto of adiNation of Runners (aNR) Indonesia approached me to give The Running Moms project some love and exposure, I was only happy to oblige.

What are The Running Moms? The project is the brainchild of Helen and Pasha to promote running amongst women through aNR activities, specifically mothers – by showcasing and spreading inspiration via four young Indonesian mothers who are already running. The guerilla campaign will run on social media until end April.

According to Pasha, “We wish to encourage other moms who haven’t started to run and even runner husbands so they will initiate the idea to run with their wives.” The lanky aNR captain adds, “The moms we have chosen for our campaign are Liana Tasno, Juanita Jaydee Dewiana, Mia Salim and Novi Cheung. Of course Helen Susanto will be in the picture also as the ambassador of adidas running.”

Find out more about this wonderful campaign that is targeted to encourage mothers in Indonesia (and elsewhere too!) to pick up running, as I pick Pasha’s brain for the nitty gritty:

Why is aNR keen to target young mothers/women to start running?

Pasha: We are keen to target young mothers/women to start running because unlike fathers/men who have the liberty to spend more time for their hobby (e.g. running), mothers have to juggle their time and make harder efforts to put running in their daily schedule.

By nature, women tend to spend time slightly longer in most physical activities that they do (walking, shopping or even taking a shower and hair-drying) yet they have a longer check list of activities that most men do not need to do (e.g. things they do in the kitchen, supermarket, salon or at the children’s school, etc.). Therefore, most women think it is impossible for them the put ‘running’ in their schedule.

Some of the laments that I’ve heard:
“I am too busy.”
“I have three kids to take care of.”
“I am a musician, people like me cannot wake up in the morning.”

The list of excuses and self-doubt goes on.

Through this campaign we’d like to break the myth that mothers with a busy schedule can’t run. With these 4 women, guided by Helen Susanto, they are the role models of the modern mom. To put running in their busy schedules is not impossible. Impossible is nothing.

Running + Moms = Awesome and HOT!

Why is it important to encourage women to run?

Pasha: For this campaign, I’d like to use the term ‘moms’ instead of ‘women.’ It is important to encourage moms to run because:

A. Healthy mom equals to healthy family.
B. Mother is no.1 influencer for their children. When kids see their mothers leading a healthy lifestyle we hope that the children will follow the path.

How were these Running Moms selected for your campaign?

Pasha: They are selected based on their different running experiences and levels.

  • Juanita, a 36 y.o mom had just finished a 23k race 2 weeks ago and it was her 1st time. She started to run in 2011 after giving birth in 2009. 
  • Liana Tasno is a half-marathon finisher at Bali Marathon 2012. 
  • Novi Cheung finished her first 10k at KOTR Indonesia 2012. 
  • Mia Salim started to run just 4 months ago and has no international experience yet. But her passion for running is unstoppable.

And each one of them has solid character. This is what makes them stand out.


So all you Fabulous Moms out there who have yet to experience the amazing adrenaline rush that is running, feeling inspired yet? In-depth interviews with the four aNR Running Moms will be shared in due time, so stay tuned!

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  1. woohoo proud of my friend, sexy mama mia fitri 🙂
    totally agree with your writing, F.
    it’s exactly the same like what we’ve done in thus our campaign for this year is #HealthyMama.

    shinta & thalia have done HM (shinta HM – NTUC Run350 singapore) & thalia HM – SCMS 2012), so hopefully this year I can follow their steps. 🙂

    1. @Ninit, it’s great that urbanmamas also have a healthymama campaign! Let’s spread the inspiration. 🙂 And all the best preparing for your first HM! You can do it, I believe in you!

  2. Enjoy your writing, Fairy 🙂 Love it! Thanks for sharing your vibe and passion of running to the world! Yes, the to world. I just feel the power of any writing. Including Ninit Yunita 😉 I wish I can join as well, running mom, how sexy! Aaaahhh looking forward to see you in KL, Fairy. Miss you!

    1. @Pipin, aww thanks girl! I love sharing the inspiration of running, especially when it relates to women. 🙂 When are you coming to KL? Ketemu yuk!

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