Runners United to Remember. We did it Bukit Cinta-style.

The Boston Marathon Explosions which happened on 15th April 2013 hit a raw nerve with runners all over the world. The crime, which claimed the lives of 3 innocent spectators (including that of an 8 year-old) and injuring nearly 200 others, was heinous and despicable. Gruesome photos of people with lost body parts and harrowing stories of victims having to undergo amputation due to damaged limbs circulated the internet with ferocity. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

To cope with the emotional tragedy and to show support for those affected, runners everywhere began running for Boston. So I decided to declare a #WeRunForBoston run with my Wednesday night group too. We wore blue or yellow (the official Boston Marathon colors). I printed the posters that RunJunkees.com created and brought them to UM, our usual running rendezvous.

We posed for a group photo before heading out into the densely humid night and pursued our own desired distances at our own paces. It was a time to reflect, to honor and to cherish how precious and fragile life was. And that senseless violence absolutely sucks.

Bukit Cinta Runner Gals: We Run for Boston

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Boston.

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