Meeting A Running Magazine Editor

A star-struck encounter at the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon race exhibition.

One of the professions that I admire most is an editor. Because I love writing, I think it is the coolest job ever, being surrounded by constant creativity, day in day out. This is especially true if you have a love for words, stories, photography and working with folks who do graphic design and layout.

And what if you are an editor for a running magazine? In my eyes, you have the most awesome job in the world and I would love to be in your running shoes!

So far, I’ve had online acknowledgement from two editors from US Women’s Running magazine, Jenny Hadfield and Jessica Sebor. And those virtual mentions from these fantastic women alone was enough to make me high for days. Imagine my delight when I finally got to meet a running magazine editor for real.

Fairy with Sarah Joyce (AU Women's Running magazine editor)
Fairy with Sarah Joyce (AU Women’s Running magazine editor)

While I was in Sydney to pick up my SMH HM race kit, I walked around the race expo and ran into a lady named Sarah Joyce, (wo)manning a magazine booth by handing out samplers to passers-by. It wasn’t very crowded that Friday afternoon so I got to chat with her for a little while. When I found out she was the editor for the magazine, I was stoked. I asked her to tell me a bit about the magazines she was promoting and there were two.

Women's Running and R4YL samplers
Women’s Running and R4YL samplers

One was the Women’s Running Australia magazine, aimed at beginner to intermediate runners – and the other was R4YL (which stood for “Run For Your Life”), a publication targeted towards more advanced runners, including ultramarathoners. The magazine office is based in the Australian administrative capital of Canberra, however they were planning to move out to warmer climate Gold Coast by year-end.

I asked Sarah if I could buy a copy of the latest Women’s Running magazine, and before I knew it Sarah took out her personal copy and gave it to me. I was so touched! I had Sarah sign it as remembrance, and she was kind to write me a good luck message for my half marathon.

Although our meeting was brief, I cherish the opportunity of having met a real-life running magazine editor! Thank you, Sarah.

Autograph from Sarah
Autograph from Sarah

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