Mizuno Wave Run 2013

An unscheduled race is sometimes the best.

Fairy at Mizuno Wave Run
Fairy at Mizuno Wave Run

Early June, Dr. Mimi asked me if I wanted to run in the 16km Mizuno Wave Run in Putrajaya. Since I didn’t have anything scheduled on June 9th, I agreed to take over her running bib. I came to her house that one weeknight to collect it, where she fed me chocolate orange ginger biscuits from England. As we nibbled and exchanged dramatic and amusing tales of running, a neighbour’s cat snoozed guilt-free on the oven microwave. The story of the night had to be Mimi’s first marathon experience at the Los Angeles Marathon last May, hands down.

Since I was a bit conservative about running more than 1 race a month, Mizuno was nowhere in my radar since I was already signed up for SCKLM in June. However I was more than glad to run in place of Mimi, who had to be outstation that particular weekend. I ran with Lily that morning, who was a darling to come and fetch me from home at the ungodly hour of 5am. We both carpooled to Putrajaya, some 50km away.

Mizuno proved to be one of my better races. I finished in about 1h 54 mins (unofficial time), placing 112/512 women in the Open Category. I had targeted to finish under 1h 58m so that worked out well for me.

There was nothing particularly unpleasant about this race, in fact it was almost perfect. We had an overcast weather so it was not too sunny. The route of Putrajaya is as predictable as it could be, nearly traffic-free on a Sunday morning. The only thing which I thought could have been done better was the medal pickup point, which was creating a backlog into the finishing line. I found out later it was because the goodie bags were not yet packed in its entirety – you were given an empty bag and had to wait your turn to collect the freebies (like the cereal boxes, water and heat pads for pain relief).

Nonetheless I enjoyed this race very much. There was plenty of ice cold Milo drinks, tau foo far and watermelons for all. Some of my Gaited community friends ran a LSD earlier that morning of 16km and then merged with the start of the Mizuno Wave Run for another 16km – racking up a total mileage of 32km! This was all in preparation for the KL Marathon that was slated for later that month. Gotta love these friends whose dedication for training runs high!

Munching on medals with Wen Li (2nd from right) and other friends from Gaited Community
Munching on medals with Lily (4th from right) and Wen Li (2nd from right) and other friends from Gaited Community
Every run should always feel like this - free!
Every run should always feel like this – free and happy!

This was the first of two races this year for which a doctor presented me with a free running bib. The second was Rise & Run. I love my running friends. And the awesome volunteer photographers who never fail to capture the best of us in action. 🙂

Finisher medal and my favorite running shoes.
Finisher medal and my favorite running shoes.
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