Training during Fasting

An unlikely podcaster shares tips on running during Ramadan.

RunCast LogoLast year when I was a bit more diligent about downloading podcasts onto my iPod to listen to while I commuted to work, I came across a running podcast called Runcast. The person who recorded Runcast was a man named Zoran Bozicevic who is a marathoner and Croatian journalist living in Toronto, Canada.

Since I liked the structured flow and relevant content of Zoran’s audio show, I quickly became a fan of Runcast. It’s a little bit more scripted than some of the other podcasts I have listened to, and that’s because Zoran feels more comfortable doing it that way rather than spontaneously speaking.

Realizing that Ramadan was approaching near, I wrote Zoran in late May of 2012 and asked if he could dedicate one podcast that focused on how to train during the Muslim fasting month. Part of the trigger was an article in the Huffington Post about how Muslim athletes were training for the 2012 Olympics in London. Now obviously I wasn’t training for a major sporting event like that, but still I was just curious how I could incorporate running during Ramadan and what measures I could take to ensure I could still do it safely.

Now Zoran is not Muslim, but he went out of his way to fulfill my request, which I thought was super cool and mighty neighborly of him.

Check out Runcast episode 66, How to hydrate before, during and after the run / Training and nutrition while fasting which was released in June 2012. An excerpt of the podcast is taken from

Today, we talk about hydration in details, explaining what to drink to hydrate before, during and after the run. Also, we’ll mention different ways to carry drinks with you while running. In the second segment we’ll talk about training while fasting. This segment is an answer to a listeners (sic) question – Fairy from Malaysia asked about nutrition and training during the fasting month of Ramadan, observed by Muslims worldwide. The topic is mostly dealing with the challenges of training for athletes who are fasting during the daylight hours. But, don’t just skip that part, there are some useful information about benefits of running on an empty tank.

Click here to listen to it (fast-forward audio to minute 10:00 if you want to get right to the topic). Happy fasting and happy training!

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    1. @Georgia: Oh wow, now I am just overly impressed with your little Ramadan greeting. Thanks, dear! Yeah do check out Zoran’s runcast, he has stopped recording them unfortunately – however the stuff’s that’s still up are still relevant and interesting!

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