The Photo in Canadian Running magazine

How one of my travel photographs appeared in a Canadian running magazine.

I love photography – who doesn’t, really? It’s super easy to share your shots in this whirlwind era of coffee-making smartphones and social media. Looking back, my first digital camera was an Olympus compact with no zoom lens which I purchased at a Best Buy in Cleveland, Ohio, as a college student in 1998. Going for $399, the 1.3 megapixel photo resolution and an 8MB memory card were cutting edge in those days and something to write home about!

Travelling opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to capturing moments. My trip to Japan in 2012 was no different. I was walking along the path next to the Imperial Palace that fateful month of December in freezing Tokyo. I was then taking a few pictures with my trusty Panasonic DMC-LX3 camera of Japanese runners doing their thing in the cold winter weather. After returning back to Malaysia, I published some of the photos on a blog post here on and thought nothing of them after that.

Fast-forward to March 2014, I received an email from a photo editor named Dianne from Canadian Running magazine who was sourcing for photos for a 8-pager feature on the boom of running culture in the Land of the Rising Sun. She had stumbled upon my blog post and was interested to purchase a photo for the article.  In particular she wanted one of runners running around the Imperial Palace. Delighted with this request, I quickly sent her all the relevant shots that I had.

After 2 months since that initial contact, this one photo made it into the May 2014 issue of the Canadian running magazine, along with a credit to my name, blog URL, and Paypal. 🙂

Photo 25-06-2014 6 42 15 pm
I asked Dianne if she would send me a copy of the magazine – and she did, the lovely woman. I was happy to receive it just yesterday, all the way from Toronto. She even signed a ‘thank you’ note on the first page of the article, which I appreciated very much. Thank you, Dianne!

Photo 25-06-2014 6 40 43 pmPhoto 25-06-2014 6 42 00 pm
So the next time you travel, take a bunch of pictures, preferably of subject matters that resonate with you. Publish them online and write a nice accompanying story about those moments. You might be surprised whose attention they’ll attract and where they’ll end up.

Thanks, Canadian Running magazine! Pleasure doing business with you. 🙂

Canadian Running magazine, May 2014 issue
Canadian Running magazine, May 2014 issue

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