SCKLM 2014 Route – The Unofficial Video

We couldn’t wait for the official video! So I made my own with some friends.

KLCC on 1st Sep 2014

Disclaimer: The route recorded is only 97% accurate because a section of a road was inaccessible with our vehicle due to its one-way setup (i.e. km3-4, Jalan P. Ramlee). Please wait for the official video for a more precise street view.

Many of us who are planning to run the full marathon in Kuala Lumpur this year were stoked when the organizers finally released the official map last week; the course is different from last year’s so the map was something we were hungry for. The video to view the roads for it however was not yet ready.

I could not wait.

Thanks, crew!
Thanks, crew!

So I decided to head out on 1st Sep Monday post-Merdeka morning with some friends to record almost all 42.195 kilometers, blow by blow! The route is accurate to the best of our map-reading skills, please refer at your own discretion or until the official video is out. (Refer to map here:

This video was created out of runner’s passion and in no way meant to undermine the good work the event organizer is doing with setting up this marathon, some of us are just super excited and could not wait to study the route and share it with you. Songs used in the clip belong to their respective copyright owners. Who knows you might like ’em and put them in your playlist? Lord knows I’ll need the distraction…

Good luck to all runners doing the KL Marathon this 12th October 2014! God speed and bless us all with a safe run!

Again, I need to reiterate the street view shown here is only 97% accurate. Watch at your own discretion. 😀

View on YouTube:

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  1. This is so super cool, Fairy! I’m excited for your race in October – can’t wait to read the recap!
    This is going to sound really strange, but your video has helped to change my mind about coming to KL in November. I booked a very cheap Air Asia flight earlier in the year and, as a very nervy flyer, have been kind of questioning whether or not I should come, given the awful things that have happened in the aviation space this year…but imagining visiting KL again (living vicariously through your video) is just too good to resist and definitely worth getting my blood pressure up on the flight for, right?!
    Anyway, I digress!
    Hope you’ve been well, lady 🙂

    1. Oh hey Georgia, thanks for viewing my video! OMG you are coming to KL? Call me! Yeah this marathon route is pretty exciting and nerve-wrecking for many of us, so let’s see how it goes. I’m glad the video has helped ease your mind about comin’ over here! You’ll be amongst friends, no worries. 🙂

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